You Want To Be Successful Then You Will Have To Do It!

Tell me that you’re here to know the recipe to become successful. Isn’t it the same about every person? C’mon, nearly every person wants to be successful but the road gets diverted when they define their success.

The point is if you’ve defined your success to get a lot of money, being famous, living a luxurious life, then you need to put in your mind a lot of things that you’re going to need for your successful life.

Tell me one name that don’t do anything and rests simply like a bear. Oh, you know that’s pretty impossible not doing anything.

So what’s the point? The point is that you’re constantly at work; you just need to know about this “work” in detail.

Let me tell you, that fleshy, you are going to put all your brain cells you’ve gotten to work if you want to become successful.

Let’s begin now.

1. Put Your Shoes Tight To Begin.

Success isn’t the kind of easy thing as it is to spell. To be a successful person, you are going to have a straight mind that puts priority over your target, not anything else. I don’t mean that every other things are not important, surely they are, but what I mean here is you need to understand that you are the one who has to decide your future. 2. Think About It. If you want something to be done, what do you do at first? Obviously, you should have an idea of what it is that need to be done. I’m talking to you about the same. Know what it is that you are going to do. Okay! I agree it is not as simple as that. So tell me the option man! Fine, firstly you need to know that what it is and how it is. Research about it, try to ask people who according to you are the persons able to quench off your curiosity. Know what it takes to do anything. Invest your time in the basement before creating the castle. The more you can know for its basic things the more it will be easier for you to handle the process and finally accomplish it. 3. Create Better Choice Taste. Simply, I mean, when I say, that developing better choice taste is important because it is not possible to complete any task or assignment or project or goal at sudden. You normally can’t do the whole things at once. Life brings choices to you nearly at every time. It is you who have to keep the target of yours in your mind and work for it. Make clean and simple choices that have possible potential to lead you through the rough path of success. Baby choices make your habit, and those habits turns into your action. And your action is what mirrors you and is the base of your success. For instance, if you have to build your body or lose your belly fat, then it is obvious that you’ll have to wake up early, drink plenty of water, do warm-ups, and have a good diet plan to follow until you get your desired shape.

Unless, you’re going to make choices to wake up early, leave coke and prefer water, leave sleeping and going for gym... Fleshy, you know somewhere in your mind that it is not possible without DOING.

4. Never Stop Learning About Your Field. If you want to become a woman/man who has its own fingerprints in the field you’re working in, then you will have to collect knowledge as much as possible. You should find out the way that works better for you. Find various methodologies and apply it to find the easiest way for you. You need to constantly do the work, but along with that learn things to improve yourself. One thing that I’ve said in my previous blogs too, that how my school became one of the top level schools in our city is of pretty much importance. My school didn’t let the fire off for the improvements and learning new things, and that’s why it is earning much more than pretty famous schools and giving a lot better ranking results in the city. So, here you see it is how much important to constantly improve yourself. And once again, this is not possible without knowing about it, doing it and IMPROVING it. 5. Embrace And Keep Your Progress In Your Mind Nobody else can keep you motivated unless you take care of it by yourself. Pay attention here that what you have done it was not possible until you did it. Who? Yes, you Fleshy, YOU did it. What is it to do with progress? Okay, it has to do much more than you think. Mark Manson says that thinking about your targets compels you to take actions and these (already done) actions can motivate you to more actions and this process goes on. So, always keep eyesight on your actions, and you’ll kind of motivate yourself from inside. Remember, creative and good things comes from inside naturally. If you’ll search for it outside your brain then Fleshy it will not work for longer times. 6. Don’t Be Hasty. Nothing good can be built in days or hours. You’d have been bored listening to this all the time you go in search of guidance for self-improvements, but fleshy it is still true af. What, you want me to come up with new ideas. Okay, life is a marathon. If you want to go far in the race, you will have to be patient. You need to develop the patience for better days. You don’t have to focus over yourself like you’re the center of the universe kind of thing. Just do your essential and important tasks and patiently make the required improvements; you will achieve your target with no difficulty. 7. Trust Yourself The easiest and proven way to become successful is to have enough belief in you. There is a big difference between a Lion and a Lioness when they hunt. A Lion adopts a slight different way to attack than a Lioness. While attacking a particular prey in a group, it just rushes and picks a particular weak prey while a lioness waits for the group to calm down. This method may seem to be a little vague to you, but the point to learn here is that a Lion has that trust in his strength and presence that fills its prey with fear, eventually weakening the prey. I don’t say that preying this way a Lion never fails, but this confidence and trust on itself makes it unique “The King of the Forest.” Always remember one can never be perfect, there is always room for improvements and corrections. It is always up to you that till where you can go for them. So trust yourself and fight the problems. 8. Have Shorter and Achievable Goals and Cherish Them. No one can accomplish any task in a single step. Even simple breathing many small functions, like expansion and gaining original shape of the chest, nostrils works, alveoli’s works, and most importantly your part of brain that is constantly at work. So you see there is nothing can be done at once. To accomplish a big goal, you must set shorter goals that you can achieve, and this would push you to next step automatically alongside raising your confidence and interest. 9. Always accept failure and Be Ready for it. Life is totally unpredictable. Today what is good can be ducking bad on tomorrow. The thing you should keep in your mind that you are not a God Fleshy, You may fail at any point of time and that’s pretty fine. Because after all you are not failing you’re the person who is trying. You are the person who knows some possible ways to fail and can rectify it in the near future, and this way increasing the success chances. Keep in your mind Fleshy that you are the person who should fail. And most importantly, you should recognize your failure always, this will give you advantage over others in the field who are not learning from their mistakes. Never forget failure teaches you what success can never. Conclusion: Everyone wants to grow successful. Everyone wants to achieve beautiful things that are important for them, but the way to do this requires a lot of patience and pretty good enough than average strategies that are the basic ones to get success. It is up to you that how much time you set for success and work according to that. Success stability and time required are directly proportionate, so choose wisely.

How did you feel after reading this? Let me know in the comments. Any queries of you, Fleshy, is welcomed. Feel free to say some words.

Thank You Fleshy.