You Should Stay Honest With Yourself―Know How

Moral values are the things that make our personality stronger and bigger. The more self-honesty you possess, the more you will rise in your life and the more you will achieve success.

Honesty if the best policy.
Honesty is the best policy.

Research says that the more honest people are to themselves, the more higher they go in life reasonably achieving their dream. No matter how hard you genuinely try for success unless you stay honest with yourself you’re not going to achieve that dream easily.

However, research also says that people are dishonest enough to do immoral things, but on the same side they are also honest enough to make themselves understand that they’re honest.

If you are having problem completing your aim or target then you need to ask some questions to yourself. You need carefully reviewing your psychology if you are finding it tough to stay with your target.

Are you doing all necessary things need to be done? Are you not diverting yourself unnecessarily although knowing that it is wrong? Are you following each and every step you said it was necessary to reach the goal?

If your answer is “marginally YES”, then you need to re-evaluate yourself. Don’t worry, here’s the good news, since you are reading this article it shows you’re on the right track after all.

So here are the specific keys to inspect about staying loyal and honest.

1. You should try to stay honest thinking about yourself.

Try not to be biased when any particular thought about you comes in your conscious mind. This is human tendency that we place ourselves in the center of everything, but you should prompt yourself to escape this thing. This habit will resist you to stay unbiased about any particular thought about yourself.

When any particular thought about you comes in your mind think by not paying any attention to result but path. Just pay attention to your path that is necessary to reach your aim and observe your mistakes and faults like a strict teacher would check your math copies.

2. Do proper evaluations of you

Every time you get the time, do proper self-examination. You may try observing yourself in night when you go to sleep. But the better way to examine your faults and plus points is to write one by one all of them that you did. No matter how good or embarrassing it is write down them brutally. This is what you’re doing for yourself, so why not empty your mind from biasness and stay honest while writing for your betterment.

3. Take help of someone who is your well-wisher

Try taking help of someone in your family and your friends who can unhesitatingly tell you about your faults and plus points. Try choosing someone who is keen observer and can stay unbiased to you.

4. Try making some weekly notes and evaluate it on the last day

If you’re unable to find anyone to help you, then no need to worry I still have solutions for you. I accept that everyone has not got someone they could ask their time for help, and it is somehow normal.

So the solution is that you can try making a weekly note day by day by observing yourselves and evaluate it on the seventh day, most likely, choose Saturday or Sunday depending upon your free time.

5. Know good and bad for you

Know what is good and bad for you. Search the ways you can do a task by making all the right and moral choices. It could be tough, but not impossible. This is something in which you will have to take help of elders in your family and your closed ones.

The best way to stay honest and learn moral values is to listen what your mother says. Moms are the best teacher in the whole world. If you listen what she says about you and moral values, you can easily find the best path for sure.

6. Do not think about maximum benefit

Research says that people become dishonest when they think about maximum benefit (often finance). When people find the probability of being caught after doing something dishonest is low they act dishonestly.

So if you want to stay loyal and honest to yourself, no matter whatever the world does, you will have to leave the habit about thinking the most possible profitable chances.

7. Think about your welfare in the long term

Your habit of staying honest to yourself will make you some steps ahead than the people who are dishonest to themselves. If you pay attention to staying honest to oneself only, and not to anyone else, then you will come to notice that those people who are successful are not only super hard working, but they somehow manage to follow their rules about life. This is what I call staying honest to oneself.

How this becomes possible? They stay enough honest to themselves to force themselves to stick to it, and eventually develop a habit to working super hard. If this was not the reason then they would have somewhere got diverted from their goal and not noticed it, and possibly you could go to meet them in some parks and cafes normally. But damn! They are successful, ha-ha.

8. Try to be a person who is trust-able and creditable

In a research it was found that administrators, teachers, public-sector’s officers said that honesty is very important factor for respect, trust and credibility. It is otherwise that they are related to public service, so they have to be honest with public as well as themselves. But are not we also related to public? Anyway, the crux is that being honest builds trust, respect, and credibility.

The same happens if you do it vice-versa. If you will try to be that person who could be trusted and is creditable, then the moral value of honesty will―as a reverse effect―automatically come to you. This is like whether you touch the flame to paper, or bring the paper to flame―the effect is same.

Being honest to yourself doesn’t have to be followed strictly but it is up to you. Like in the same research it was found that interviewees told that they were being honest to the limits but there were certain times when they have to use deception. They gave certain reasons to use deception in case of 1. Withhold information (ethical necessity) 2. Justifiable deception (Ethically justifiable situations) 3. Unjustifiable deception. So it’s all up to you when to use honesty and when on the basis of ethical values you have to think of others rather than yourself.


Honesty is important for your moral as well as ethical growth. Through staying honest to yourself you can grow and stay loyal to your work, yourself, and your life. But situations doesn’t always stay same so using your wit, it is you who has to decide to stay honest, stay loyal, and to live your life at fullest. It is up to you to decide if you want to be as honest as the eyes or not.

Tell me what did you think about honesty before? What were the situations that compelled you to use deception as a method to escape?

If you liked the article and it helped you somehow, I’d love to read your comments and love. It would make my day.

Thank You Fleshy :)