Why good and healthy communication is important in friendship?

Stats show that people only keep ten or twenty important relationships out of 1,000 individuals with whom they talk or interact.

I have seen people forgetting their friends due to lack of proper communication. People need good talk and healthy interactions to keep things intact and energetic.

Communication merely may not be helpful for you in keeping that loving bond safe. You always need a good and healthy communication for keeping the friendship's bond young and energetic.

So, How the geographical separation becomes a limiting factor in the friendship bonds?

As people grow and go to other places due to further academic and higher studies. There comes a sudden change in their lives. Friends, acquaintances and everything comes to a change.

I've seen that people with no mode of communication have a larger chance to forget each other, no matter how close they used to be at a particular instance of time. Without regular communication your bond of friendship will gradually decay.

Research shows that physical proximity increases the bond of friendship and other relationships. Same level of sharing goals, beauty, truthful sharing of secrets, charm keep the friendship bond alive. And therefore, when geographical distance increases friendship and other relationship bonds start to die out slowly with time.

On changing geographical locations–for example, changing house, going to different colleges and new city–it becomes tough to exchange love and emotional supports. And therefore, often, the geographical changes trigger the disintegration of friendship bonds.

Human is an ultra pro max social being. (If you know what I mean by ultra pro max!). Meme sharing, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp chats, Skype video calls are the pillars, which can bear the definition of communication in twenty-first century. But until physical closeness doesn't involve, you also know that psychological communication is just an aid. This could stop the wound from further infection but cannot heal it.

Have you ever thought, why the friendship of backbenchers and kids are so engaging and intimate? Here is the reason because that friendship involves physical closeness and touch. Physical touches act as a type of communication medium, of whose place words can not occupy.

You would also have experienced how you feel when you touch a rose in a garden and how you feel when you listen about parts and colors of various roses in botany. I guess I'm in no need to tell the difference (ha-ha!).

Research shows physical touch is the fundamental element of human cultural and social development. In fact, even pets and animals, too, communicate and show love by physical touch.

Now let's discuss it with a real life experience. As I left my senior secondary education, almost each and every bond of friendship started to die out slowly, for about two years, when I again caught it.

Why am I too quick to say “die out”? I have some reasons to tell you. When I left the school and entered the college, here started period in which there was a lack of proper communication between my friends and me. And during these two years, I hardly remembered those names or almost forgot them!

Can you believe this? But this happened!

After two years, I came in touch with one of those friends again. I felt no joy or that friendly feeling talking with him. That's why I said that bond started to “die out”.

Researches show that 55% of teens spend their most of the time connected and chatting through texts with friends. Just 25% spend their day outside of online world meeting friends on a regular basis. Gaming chats, texting, memes sharing, Facebook, Instagram are the major ways through which young people like to remain connected with friends.

One of the main reason of success of PUBG game was good connectivity and chatting system, besides the fact that it has good control, graphics, game pattern, and rules.

According to research, video games play an important role in the development and stabilization of boys' and somewhat girls' friendship.

Overall, communication is the key factor which is responsible for integrating your moral values along with your personal friendship bonds. Good and healthy communication is a strong tool for establishing a healthy friendship bond. For any type of relation or business good communication is always required. Good communication not only promotes mutual understanding but also promotes the emotional bond between humans.

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