What is perspective-taking?

Imagine you are stuck in a problem that you can’t tell openly to your closed ones. And you go to your best friend who is well aware of your behaviour and personality, there is high chance that he or she may quickly get it that you are going through some problems.

Perspective-taking is process when an other person peeks and evaluate things through views of others. Seeing objects and situations placing yourself on the space of others is perspective-taking. Research have shown that this has a lot of good effects in society, importantly, breaking stereotype thoughts and oppressions.

In a society, there lives different types of people and hence there exists a lot of different perspectives. Trying to look by placing your vision in the place of others may help in evaluating situations, problems easily and could make you socially good and understanding person.

A balanced and neutral judge in a courtroom does the same things. She or he tries to look by the both perspectives in tough situations and then makes any decision.

Persons who try to get the points through the viewpoint of others are socially more adjustable and mature.

In this big world, no matter how wise you are, there exist others' views too, which you have to give respect. In doing so, perspective-taking helps a lot.

There exists, basically, two broad category of perspective-taking –

1. Perceptual

2. Conceptual

Perceptual perspective-taking is when you see how they see a particular situation by the viewpoint of others, like any problem and real life action.

Conceptual one is when you see the point on that how ones experience or feel at any specific point of time. It is commonly used by people in old areas like villages where people show compassion and sympathy to others. For example- Emotions, feelings etc.

How to practice perspective-taking?

There is a straight way to practice it, by more trying to practice it. It is a type of thing that you should do regularly in little quantity to master in situational observer and to become a mature person.

Basically, Two important things you should keep in mind while practicing perspective-taking

  • Avoid overindulging– In the process of trying to understand others point or how they are feeling, you should not go far than their personal limit. As to place yourself at their position you should have better knowledge of situation. In the process of trying to know the situation don’t go asking more questions, you may hurt others.

  • Observe before everything– The basic thing about solving a problem is that you should have knowledge about that type of problem. For example in examination of maths, people, generally, find themselves unable to solve problems that they have never seen before.

So, you must observe all the tiny and big details of situation before placing yourself to others position for helping or even learning this process.

Limits of perspective-taking

Perspective-taking is an activity that needs more than average experience and good observations. In lack of experience and good observance quality people may increase stereotype thinking as there is no limit of options present at a particular point of time.


The process of seeing any situation through point of views of others is perspective-taking. There exists two types of this activity or mental process- Perceptual and Conceptual. The requirement of perspective-taking comes in different field like Police Service, In court room, in daily life situation for better judgement, showing sympathy to others. There are some precautions you should take care before trying to practice this mental process or you may hurt others which is basically against of this process.

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