What are the benefits of seeing things with a different view than normal?

If I ask how many of you love to see a photograph of that angle which usually normal eyes don’t see.

I think nearly 90% people will say “yes”.

This is the magic of seeing things with different point of view or angle.

Imagine, if you see an adult elephant which is too small than size of an average elephant.

You will be amazed to see it.

Now consider this thing the eyes were you and the person who was amazed symbolises audience.

This is the power of different angle point.

Now question arises what are the real life benefits of this different view point?

One can’t say about real benefits of different view point as it will give better results if directed in right direction.

Benefit of seeing things with different point of view than normal may be a good artist, famous author, a creative designer, a humorous person, a legend like Stan Lee or much more.

Now, A point of view may be different but also it may be right or wrong.

A point of view in wrong direction could create problem for you in real life situation.

Likewise a camera’s different but wrong camera angle not only disturbs quality of image but blurring, brightness, contrast, saturation etc. Also gets disturbed.

But hey! Don’t be disappoint you can work upon your flaws and shine like a star.

So, this could be the bad result of a wrong point of view.

But but but...

You know Stan Lee,He was the man with extreme unique point of view and he said “If you have an idea which you genuinely believe is awesome then don’t let any idiot ruin it.”

Now, if you have a different point of view and in right direction then Congo to you! You are going to be a person who is really unique in social terms.

Let’s focus on what are the benefits of right point of view.

1. It Makes You a Person with Unique Abilities

It may be difficult for people to see the things through your angle but tough and different things attract humans. A person with diferente perspective than normal is always preferred over normal humans. If you are able to see the things with a new vision world would be excited to see the world through your eyes.

2. It brings creativity in You

People seeing things with different approach are persons who create unusual. It is the unusual which our society calls ‛creative’.

Creative persons are high demanded persons in this planet. Many advertising companies, rich people interested in creativity, film makers, magazine photoshoot editors and comic character designer would contact you because of your unique point of view.

3. A Good Debate

If you are the person with a totally different point of view then congratulations! You’re the person who could argument things in such a way that normal people would take time to think about it and generally give fallacious statements.

The benefit of being unique visioned doesn’t only helps you in relating things in a very rare way that people would be amused of your way of thinking.

It is otherwise if you don’t express wisely there are more chances that they don’t even understand your point.

So act nicely you’re on the stage of acting.

4. A Good Writer

People awareded with different point of views are most famous author.

They see the world in such a different and detailed way that normal busy humans entertain to read them.

Like of you’ve know about Rebecca Silver, a fictional character in a fictional web series, you will be amazed to know that he was a man and saw things in such a horrible but romantic way that he started to write with a female name.

He was not confident about writing with male name, of course.

Nevertheless, he becomes so successful read author just because of his views.

Yeah just views aren’t important you shall have to try and improve your writing skills.

5. A funny human

The person with different perspective could use his unique prospective to make fun.

For example – If one sees a mole and tells you, hey! I just saw a mole. And you would say mole, oh, you can’t see a mole it’s a chemistry thing.

Haha! No?

Yeah I know this was boring!

Never mind. You can do it better.

Now smile.

Being a person with different points of view opens up a lot of doors for innovation, art, new type of designer, new popular comic designer and much much more. There are no limits to the person who is unique by his traits.

After all, if you think that you aren’t a person with different point of view, don’t mind, everyone is unique and can do better.

So keep smile!

Thank You!

Stay Tuned.

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