This plant will tell you about existence!

It is raining outside since night. It is a heavy pour of rain since long time than usual. During this monsoon some states are heavily affected by flood.

It is morning and I am having rest and just started reading a book by Reinhardt Grossmann. I am not able to keep my attention to the book so, I better closed it. I started noticing everything outside. It is so alive, energetic and wind is so cool and full of humidity. Noticing everything suddenly I stuck on something- a plant.

How the seed sprinkle itself to the outer world and begin to grow like a brave one. It have to absorb water, sunlight, minerals and everything necessary to sustain to life but how hard he tries and not gives up. No matter what happens in future a baby plant grows up. With passing time it grows and becomes stronger. On proper season it changes its leaves –shedding all old leaves without any grief and regret. It patiently waits for that day when new waves would come up and decorate him like sunshine.

On right time it starts to have flowers and allows the wind to pass through itself releasing its scents so it can attracts insects for pollination. When that baby plant has the right time and enough strength it starts to bear delicious fruits not for itself but for the other organisms and animals dependent over it for their survival.

Now, a thing related to its meaning of existence. A plant though lives on its own but lives for others, in actual meaning. So although it is life living on its own but giving everything to others; this is the real thing about life for what we are here.

I think humans were neither autotrophic nor enough strong animals so eventually they evolve sharp brains not for sole existence and survival thing but for true understanding of life. So that we can interpret these hidden principles of nature by observing and comparing other’s life to us and help other every organisms to prosper and grow in a balanced and happy way.

                         Picture From Plant Guru

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