This Is Why You Need Fewer Friends To Grow Smart!

Sophia was an intelligent and smart girl in her classroom. When she came in her high school, she made a lot of new friends because she always felt the need of more friends.

She started to give a lot of time to them and not focusing on her syllabus. She started to go to parks, in cafes, and on tours. Slowly and gradually a half-year passed, and the exams came near. But she was a smart girl, so she scored more than the average ones.

She didn't realize, at this point, that her scores were declining. She thought maybe it was because of her priority to friends, and thought that gradually she will pay more attention to studies and recover in the next exam.

But these tours and park visits slowly became her habit that she didn't know about. Now it was the time of annual exams, and she was terrified. Somehow she prepared by believing that likewise her previous records, she will again perform better.

But the results were not satisfactory to her. She performed like the average ones did.

So where all that intelligence and smartness went wrong?

: A lot of factors were responsible for this.

Why do you need less friends and that's okay?

Having less friends is not a bad thing. Having friends with less quality is a bad thing for you.

If you are a person with a set mindset then it is ultimately going to happen to you. To be exact, if you are the same person who has fixed goals in life, then you will finally end up having less friends.

1. You want to prioritize quality friendship. If this is the real you, then you know as quantity increases quality decreases. More friends demand more time and less quality interactions. Less interaction will never benefit you, as if both of you never know each other sympathetically, then how can you expect the next person to emotionally support you. You know that a bucket full of water needs extra care when you carry it.

2. You want to concentrate over yourself. Everyone should increase their skills and knowledge. You are the type of person who believes in personal development first. The more branches a tree has, the more it has to take water and minerals from the earth to give more fruits. Where a tree can have uncountable roots, a human has limitations (I'm talking metaphorically!) You can't have more friends and give outstanding performance all together.

3. You understand about your needs and desires. When you know yourself and what are your needs, then you don't need to search for it in the outer physical world. You know that a few good friends are enough than an unfamiliar squad. You know that how large your friend circle should be, and you don't want to add unnecessary disturbance in your friend circle.

4. You are specific about your friend circle. Things with qualities come at some costs. You know that your friends have enough traits that you want with your friends. You know that extra air in a balloon ultimately blasts off it. Being specific about your friends is not the thing for which you should think so much. Instead, being specific about your friends' qualities and habits is a thing that you should be proud of because it indicates that you're a person with a far vision.

5. You need extra time for charging yourself up. Not everyone likes meeting most of the time of the day. Some people need extra time for thinking, caring and charging themselves up. If you are that exact person, then it is okay that you have less friends because in this way you are saving that time for yourself which you were going to spend with those extra friends.

6. You are an intelligent and creative person. You have noticed that those who are smart and outstanding work a lot. Their time for personal enhancement comes at a cost, they pay this price by nearly isolating themselves, which means not-so-friend condition. This doesn't mean you also have to isolate yourself, but only observe this action-reaction thing.

7. You want to deal with this large friend circle thing for later. You know what you have to do for now, and you're set for this. You know who you need to be with, or who you need to work with to walk towards a better life. You want to socialize with people, but for now you have something important in your mind to deal with.

8. You know the realities of life! You are the person who had some bad experiences in friendship. Nowadays people, make friend groups to look cool and just for popularity. (I've seen it and I literally not-so-like these fake things!). You know that these tactics are for those who are less ambitious in life, and you decide to keep these things aside.

9. You know that creativity hits in solitude. It is certain that to use your imagination power you need an open place. Famous artists, scientists, and music producers also needs solitude to produce creative ideas that changed the entire world. Being with a lot of friends limits this creativity practice. And now you know that it's okay is you're not so-so friendly type.


Everyone in this society has different social tips and tricks to live with. Everyone has their own way to live their life and enjoy what they want from life. So if you think about others' opinions that you should make more friends, otherwise blah, blah, blah!

Then I tell you to STOP ! STOP, NOW!

Don't pay unnecessary attention to every other thing happening outside in this world! If you know what you are doing, then you're the person who is leading. Don't let the others to lead yours life's handle. Accelerate it or de-accelerate it, do whatever you want, but do it by yourself. So that in the end there remains nothing to regret over.

A happy game is that in which you know that you were the real captain, and you can ultimately take the overall responsibility of the game. No matter whether it was a win or not-win. You are the dictionary of your life, write it a “win-win” or write “enjoy”... It's all over you!

What you before used to think about friends circle? Let me know, I would be happy to know your views and philosophies about your life!

Thank You Reader!😊

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