What are opposites? Are you wrong about it?

Let’s have an introduction about opposite what we are taught yet.

What are traditionally taught opposites?

Opposites are said on the basis of observed properties like Taller and shorter etc., sometimes not just temporal qualities are taken into account like Present and Future, but spatial properties are also taken in account like front and back etc.

Here, before discussing it we should better have some question and curiosity about it. So let’s have them and be to the point and exact.


1. What do you think opposite stand for?

Looking into sky what do we see, of course, it may be its colour, it’s wideness and may be, in night, nothing or can be said black infinity.

Now, if someone say what would you say about the color of sky in daytime, of course time matters, one would say blue or red at evening. But in night, if the same question asked to you, one would get the answer Black. Now, if I ask, tell me the opposite of that colour what you had seen in sky in previous night, you would say White is the opposite, instantly (this is what we’re taught) but isn’t it blue! I mean in night you see color of sky (i.e. black) so the temporally (time related) property says it would be opposite in daytime that is BLUE. What a blunder we are taught!

Now, here comes another case if there is fire somewhere and I say bring what is opposite to fire, most people would probably bring water without any question. But what if the fire was due to wires’ short-circuit! (Haha!) Now, the important thing is that it is what we’re taught. It’s none mistake that this misleading thing becomes their common sense. But, hey! This common sense is very complex!

Don’t Forget― “I think, therefore I am” – Descartes

This is taught to us and hence this is what we’re taught! DESCARTES SAYS “I THINK, THEREFORE I AM.” So it’s none mistake that they think what they’re taught.

But it’s the right time to not overpass this teaching to next generation.

2. What is an opposite?

Conventionally, Opposite are based on properties. Opposite are taught to us as extreme property having things. But actually they are complimentary! One should question it, humorously, if they are complementary then why do we say them opposite? Opposites are taught to us for relating things to each other for example high-low, good-bad and Left-right etc. Besides having temporal, spatial and quality-quantity based properties sometimes opposites also conclude non-existence properties like a Golden-mountain and a Deepest-mountain. This is not the whole truth one should be taught of (only the extreme things).

Extremes are illusion, there is limit to knowledge with temporal-spatial condition.

3. Does it even exists? Do we teach true opposites?

Yes, it does exist but not as we are taught. We will discuss it now.


Anything ever existing in this universe doesn’t exist solely. It’s always present on this planet in groups and family like ― air (a mixture of different gases) etc. Anything what is to be examined should be examined by their relatively existing things. I mean, in simple words, if you want to examine a tree look upon its components and environment it’s present in and everything related to it for true understanding.

{Family, Non-family}


Opposites are not those which are extreme in properties. For example what would you say about this- let’s take A exist extreme left to B (in spatial property on a paper sheet) so conventionally B would be opposite of A but what one would say about C, D, E… existing in between those of A and B points. Aren’t they also opposite to A or B? Defining extreme is impractical. For example he who is fully aware of every possible knowledge of spatial properties of everything, say God, could possibly define whether an extreme exists or not but likewise this whole knowledge is also extreme and unreasonable and hence defining extreme is much difficult. Without knowing every possible extreme properties that could even exists one can’t define define it. What we know today as extreme may be after a new discovery of more extreme thing comes uo.So, the Properties always occur in family form and not should be judged in extreme form. The overall saying is just you can’t say opposite of fire is water. It is not so!

Then what?

As said earlier, properties occurs in family like {black, non-black}, {white, non-white}, and {hot, non-hot} and {fire, non-fire}. Noun has no opposite at all. As one say what is opposite of Human? There is none. That occurs in family and most truly that’s not opposite but complementary. Nature haven’t made anything opposite to each other but all things in nature are complimentary. Opposites (It is said so, I’m saying for convenience) are just the part fulfilling each other’s left role to cooperate like South is not opposite of North but they are playing a crucial role on Magnet without which even you wouldn’t exist, of course, gravity. So it’s all the end of Blog.

Opposites are just complimentary, not actually opposites.

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