What is an Idea? What are the parts of an idea? How do we get idea?

Sometimes I see the world and people around me, its presentation and processing via brain amuses me to no limits. People present here and there are what, just the product of nature made up of chemically combined atoms and molecules.

The thing ‘special’ in us, humans, is hormonal secretion and instant activity of neurons and brain cells. Our brain is what distinguishes us from the rest of the world’s organisms.

Our brain has been designed (by nature) or evolved to process data and information more efficiently. The chemical energy inside our brain and process of quick responding neurons makes the brain superior of all other types of species’ brain.

Now, the basic and general thing about idea is, whatever we see, find, hear and touch is all idea. Like the flowers' smell, the sound coming from larynx, the heat from candle and every objects around us is idea for us. Now try to look through this spectacle, if there was no such efficient processing organ like brain to a person there would be no meaning of things for that person.

Let us try to understand how idea, that I am saying, looks like.

When a person tries to touch a thing what he feels may be heat or cold or normal temperature of that object. But how he come to know about it? When he touched a thing, the signal is sent to the brain and the brain processes the sent chemical data to language. (Pay attention here, language plays a vital role in understanding things whatever language it may be.)

Now, the basic difference between identification of an object and unidentified object is this data that you’ve previously stored in your brain. And that data and information is idea.

If a person has idea about the object that he is going to face then he will recognize it otherwise not.

An idea stored previously in brain must have certain things in them

  • Specific object (Primary object)

  • Specific situation (Second object)

  • Specific perspective about that object or situation(Third object).

Occurrence of idea

An idea seems to be instant but it is not so. An idea is the result of a long struggle of humanity or brains and genes storing data and modifying themselves accordingly.

Persons who had no idea about lion in primitive time must have killed by it and then they came to know that lion could be dangerous. People who didn’t realise that what happens if you eat snake’s head without removing poison must have died. Before seeing the capability of fire they could not be able to use fire for cooking food.

So it was all ‘try and error' case of a long time and now we’re enjoying life with predefined idea.

Every action is related to previous idea and action leads to a new idea. This is why, science believes in experiments and multiple experiments under different conditions for accurate results. An experiment could come out with some errors and next one with some other errors but these errors (actions) give us new ideas and these newly generated ideas push us for new more suitable actions.

This is how the world works- action pushes an idea and this idea pushes new action and this cycle goes on. Try and error formula is actually based on this process and that is action resulting idea which causes new action which results new more accurate idea.

In common terms, it is understood that a plan or something like thought, particularly about how to do an activity or a work is idea. But if we go in somewhat philosophical way, the idea doesn’t only stop at plan or thought; it is much more than that.

An idea may be any type of mental activity. Particularly when you use your senses to get an information then that information there means idea.

For example, you see an apple then the apple is not itself an idea but what you saw thing inside your brain is idea. It may be possible that you see the apple is black due to atmospheric or surrounding conditions or it may be possible that you don’t see whole apple since apple was behind a coffee mug. Here, the black apple is your idea not the actual apple, in the same way the part of apple you see behind the mug is your idea about that apple not the apple itself.

Now the more important thing here is idea is not merely sole product of your senses but it is affected by surrounding things too. It is certain that idea becomes possible due to presence of you, no doubt, but the surrounding things which serves as secondary object also plays a good role to transfer that idea to your brain.

The hormonal secretion, particularly your inner state plays a direct role in process of idea. It serves as third object to you in processing of idea.

Now a question may arise that if idea is produced by object or brain?

Let us focus on a thought experiment.

Suppose, you are put in a dark well maintained normal room. The room is like a normal one but there is not a single ray of light present to see. Let us suppose you are tied to a pillar in that room and you’re not able to move.

Now the presence of those objects in room doesn’t creates any idea in your brain. Since there is absence of secondary object, which causes difficulty in creation of idea may be nearly impossible if you aren’t allowed to use other senses.

Here your brain plays an important role in thinking it a hall, a room or even a big box. You may think that room is full of objects and even you can imagine it like a well maintained room. Now, think if you are tied to the same room that you were living in but there is no single ray of light and suppose your eyes and senses aren’t allowed to confirm it, which causes you fail to recognise it.

But don’t you get any idea in this case? The idea is itself that you’re tied in dark room. This idea may not be very specific but it is as much detailed as the surrounding is (in absence of secondary object).

Here we find that brain plays an important role in processing ideas even in absence of objects or in absence of reach to the second object.

Now let’s take a look at another thought experiment.

Suppose you are in position in which your brain activity is stopped now suppose someone puts a lot of objects in front of you. Is it possible that you get any single idea in this situation? No.

So what we find is to get any single idea, however it is detailed or not, we must have a brain for it.

Second objects are the things that help in detailing those ideas.

For example- You think about space. It is empty. Now put some asteroids in it and some stars, some planets and whatever you find possible, put it there.

Now these primary objects help us in detailing the space's surrounding.

What’s the role of third object here?

As I said third object is your internal hormonal state which helps in formation of ideas. Like you may feel anger at a word ‘tiny’ or may feel funny depending upon your hormonal state. If you are in happy mood you would find it funny and if you are angry… no need to say what will happen. Never mind!

Come to the point, hormonal state and third object are the things that help in making a perspective in idea. A perspective is important in idea.

The idea of human and information present in machine has this difference: a machine merely stores object’s detail affected by second objects' state. While a human has third object’s affected idea in her/his brain.

A machine merely can tell what was the initial and final state of a situation and about details of objects while humans can tell their opinion that is perspective about that situation or object.


What we’ve discussed here is what is an idea. We've discussed how we recognise things. Then we've discussed that why science uses try and error method and how it is related to idea. we’ve discussed about some of the thought experiments to find out what are the important things in formation of idea. Then we’ve discussed what are the things in idea that are essential for it. Like what is primary object, second object and third object in idea.

And finally we have discussed a little about machine data and humans idea.

This is all for today’s blog. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Keep tuned and give your ideas about idea.

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