How to question and analysis about any thing?

You see an apple. What is its shape?




Is it similar to lemon or papaya or another apple? Can you cut it with a knife or has it juice inside?

Throw it at ground to make it jump for testing if it is not artificial rubber apple! Ha-ha! No, of course not! Don’t do it!

There is a lot of things present in this universe we come to encounter daily. May it be situation, story, information, physical objects, thoughts etc.


What are the ways to look at it precisely or at least a right way?

How to analysis it? How to analyze a thing? Is there any right way exists for it?

Let’s discuss all these things.

‘Before Basic Maths'

It is the first most important requirement you need to fulfil before starting to see a thing seriously. I mean if you want to analyse it or question it then ‘before basic maths' or knowledge is very important.

If you want to, like, criticize or question a political bill or act then you must have some informations or ‘before basic maths' about that particular act.

Now this could be the most basic thing like–

what’s an act?

How it affects people?

What are the procedures for the implementation of act?

Procedure of passing an act! ( To check legitimacy of, this, act)

Basic constitutional and human rights things!

So what we conclude here that ‘before basic maths’ are always important for a serious activity otherwise people are gonna speak anyway and you will absolutely manage , anyhow, to listen it . (Funny? Leave it!)

Besides previous basic knowledge, logical connectivity is a thing you can use to analyse any particular topic.

Logical Connectivity

There are some of the few things which are normally found in every issue or matter.

  • Past (Previous Part)

  • Present ( Part Related to current situation)

  • Future ( Effects or Predictions)

You can connect its part in chronological way.

Like, every idea has three parts– Provoking object, Current situation or theory of idea, future effects or predictions.

So, to analysis any thing connect these parts logically.

If you find so many probabilities then here’s the weak section to question it!

If you find error in this idea comparatively past to present in chronological sequence, then it is the question point.

If you find that its future predictions are uncertain, you can question it!

If you find that implementation of this is very tough or very dramatic, you can question here!

If you find logical absence in the idea, you can question it.

There is a lot of ways you can use to analyze a thing and to create question, obviously, about it.

As we’ve discussed the importance of basic knowledge in any matter. A question arises– what if...?

Now, What to do if you have no basic knowledge about a particular subject?

On a serious note, if you have no idea about a thing, don’t try to question it directly (unless it is informal talk or meeting). Instead check out quickly some basic things in the matter and now build up your genuine doubts to question it.

Now, if you seriously want to question any particular thing but have no idea about it– then what?

Here’s the trick!


Every thing in human society is related to ethics and moralities. Any thing if present in this society, then this has, definitely, direct or indirect impact on the society. Any thing which is related to people, surely, would be related to ethics.

So, this is the basic area where you can play a game!

Question about ethical part of this particular thing! I personally think that this works.

Other options are also there!!

If you don’t want to question on its ethical part or you think its ethical part is unquestionable. Then what?

About any particular thing, may it be common or may it be very rare idea or activity or theory etc., there exists some basic level ‘holes’. You’ve to identify it and question it sensibly.

A very serious note- “Never ever be too quick to question anything. I’ve done it a few times and believe me it lead me to no good experience.”

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