Genuine and Practical Tips to find balance between Bestfriend and others?

Have you also faced the stage when your best friend thinks that you are not prioritizing him or her?

Have you also experienced the situation when you find it difficult to manage the space for best friend and others?

We all have at least one friend who remains special to us. We all have a friend with whom we share all our secrets and things which we don't usually tell others. We all have a friend with whom we feel the bond of “best”.

When we try to find any fixed definition for the friend and the friendship, it seems not possible to define such a thing in words. Friendship has various values for each and every next person. Here is what Aristotle has said about friendship- “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

Friends are like the cheering machines with whom we feel happy, and they are the ones with whom we can open up and forget the worldly pressures.

Friends are the greatest sources of joy and pleasure. In a survey by Ipsos, it was found that 44% Indians find a great source of happiness with their friends.

It is noteworthy that Helen Keller says—

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light.”

It is the support of a friend that you need to cross the tough times, and even a desert with a friend seems enjoyable. A friend's value can be imagined by this example that there is at least one friend exists in everyone's life and in every movie or web series.

But what to do when that best friend thinks that you aren't giving enough time and space that you should provide?

I understand, this could be tough for your friend and you too. Here are some of the things which could help you.

1. Talk to her/him: Tell about your situation and your needs. Arrange a neutral talk about both of your perspectives and understand each other. Tell that particular person that you aren't going to less prioritize her.

2. Personal time and space: If you feel that talking isn't helping, then give her/him some time and space. You can make a video call and make general talks about how you both are doing in life. You both can arrange some favorite visit to a particular place. I would suggest, if the bond between both of you seems weaker, then there is a need of a friendly push from both sides. You can make visit to a totally new place and have fun. Believe me, the adventure to a new place makes trust and coordination of both of you strong; but be aware of the place.

3. Solve out gossips puzzles: I have seen the reason of failure of many old friendships isn't sole lack of space or time, but paying unnecessary attention to gossips may become dangerous for both of you. If your bond is weakening then you should talk with open heart about rumors and hate murmurings about both of you.

4. Make her feel special: Making someone feel special is one of the best ways you can do to keep your bond strong. You can buy her favorite color dress, or the thing which you know could make your best friend feel happier.

5. Understanding: We all know that whether it is a friendship or any other relation understanding is a necessary thing. Everyone knows this, but sometimes you just have to say it. The person in front of you may not be able to understand every time, and hence you need to tell them that they should understand how you feel about.

6. Have some rest: If talking and every try to keep that bond doesn't succeed, and there seems no ray of hope; may be the time has come to have some rest from that bond. I know it can be tough and heart breaking, but life is flowing my friend, and who knows time could fix things sooner.

I recommend personally, that whatever you do in life, keep this in mind that life is connected in so unimaginable way. A single step affects so many things. So whatever you do to keep your bond strong or loving; I would suggest think and talk to your closed ones for once at least. Keep spreading the love!

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