How To Keep Your Friendship For Maximum Longer Time?

Do you want to keep your friendship for longer times? Do you want that your friends remain in your touch for the lifetime?

Of course, I know the answer. It is a big YES! After all, who doesn’t want that his friends and acquaintances remain in touch and with happy heart-warming feelings?

Two girls, it seems they are friends, standing by the side of a lake, and there are some beautiful flowers.
Stay Connected In Friendship, This Is The Easiest Way To Keep Friendship For Longer Time.

I understand it that it is not an easy task as it is to think. In the era of modern technology, where being connected has been an easy thing, actual connection between people has been degrading at never seen speed.

People are connected to each other but their heart and soul are far apart that was never before. So what is the way that people can connect each other and establish that humanly feeling again even with this busy schedule.

You and I both know that this is going to be tough, but there is nothing in this world that doesn’t have a way to achieve. It is otherwise that the path may be straight, zigzag, U turned but it is POSSIBLE.

I am done with this introduction man, tell me the ways. Okay! So let’s break it down, Fleshy.


Whichever path you apply to keep the bond intact with your friend, first you will have to stay dedicated and honest to yourself.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand someone, and you start to feel like that they aren’t interested in you any more like they used to be. But believe me the reason is not always about interest. There are a lot of things going on in a person’s life and a lot of reasons to get distracted.

So, basically, how to keep things good and warming between both of you. The answer is quite simple and honest. You just have to act naturally and humanly.


It is true that time management is not an easy thing, but it is not something impossible to have for your important ones. People around you will start to feel more connected to you for longer times when you will give importance to them.

It is of no doubt that time is very important for any normal person in this era of technology. So try connecting them on some holidays, pay them visits while crossing their residence, arrange some kind of weekend quiet meetings, or a little coffee/tea talk. In this way you both would be able to show the importance to each other and give emotionally support to each other.

I am the kind of person who remains busy in some foolish things, and I occasionally have to pay for it. Almost all my friends say that I don’t give them enough time and space, and I regret over it. It is luck or maturity of my friends, I can’t say, but they understand it and try to remain connected with me after all bad things in me.

And here come the next thing that is important in friendship.


Any type of thing that exists in society has to do, more or less, with understanding. May it be relation, friendship, business, laws, rules, currency or generally most of the things have important connection with understanding.

Mutual understanding is something that helps you to put yourself into the next person’s shoes and not excessively expect. You should not expect them to remember your birthdays, important days and many other important things because you can’t really know how tough or complex life of the next person is going on. So you should like to pay attention to positive things they do for you to make you feel special.

I know a lot of people who don’t occasionally meet to each other even on important functions, but they do show their care and love to each other in various other ways like listening to them carefully and giving support to them emotionally whenever possible.

Also, don’t expect your friend to always care about you and give you all attention and time. Every person has its own cycle of karma and responsibilities, so they have to handle other real life stuffs. Giving them their own personal space to go on in life will possibly make things a little loose between both of you, but it will be good in the long run.


When you get time to communicate with your friend, pay good attention to the communication. Listen to what your friend says with great care and most importantly listen not for the sake of talking and listening but for understanding.