How to engage yourself in worthy things?

The best way to grow is by engaging yourself in worthy things that could help you in growing your personality and mental level. Outer appearance and beauty are the things that have limits but inner talent and knowledge have no limits.

Knowledge and good ideas can bring whatever you want in life. Beauty and appearances have limited options and there is so much competition with increasing population in those fields that it is very hard to become successful and achieve the dream of your life. On the other hand, inner peace, knowledge and personal level smartness are the things that could make you unique and a step ahead of everyone in the line.

Why personal mental growth is important?

There’s ‛two existence’ of a person- Biological and Non-biological.

Of course I’m not talking about spiritual existence but the existence of a person in their thought cycle by making a world of their thoughts.

A person could exist on food and energy for his whole life but could be of no worth for the society in which he or she is responsible for growth of that society. A person, also, could exist differently from his or her appearance at the mind level or mental level.

The growth of inner person (i.e. person at mental level) is important so that you could rise above the level of your biological existence.

Society has set up certain rules to define persons according to their appearance, clothing, tone, race and sex which is absolutely useless and should be abolished. But to rise from the level of yours and make yourself more sharp to win the competition, it is necessary that your inner mental level grows.

What are the ways to engage in worthy things for growing up?

We know that the more ideas you learn the more ideas you could generate. In the time of so fast growing world people need ideas that could help, to do so you need more readings and source of ideas to interact with.

The some of good ways to help in growing faster :

Some Do's

  • Read more good Books

  • Read autobiography or biography of great persons

  • Listen more

  • Think in a right direction for your improvement

  • Try not to focus over negative things unnecessarily

  • Try to avoid that persons who could affect you

  • Push yourself to learn good things

  • Try to make yourself busy

  • Help people and be generous

Some Do not's

  • Don’t read unnecessary stuffs as there is a lot of informations present everwhere

  • Don’t be judgemental

  • Don’t increase your friend limits unnecessarily

  • Don’t Be careless about your inner self

  • Don’t limit yourself according to societal pressure

There is a lot of things in this society that needed to be changed but unless you grow up yourself and reach that level to be able to make improvement and refinements in society, only speaking about it is of no worth.


Mentality is a thing that recognises no caste, colour and no culture or society. So, if you want to grow up, some basic things you must have to do continuously is; keep reading and reading more.

It is important for one to be in the boundary of field about which one is researching or writing any article, likewise it is important for a person to keep his limits set, for particular time, in which he or she wants to grow up.

This statement is only and only for personal level positive growth– you need to focus on yourself and on yourself only to grow in all odds.

Thank You

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