How to control weird and unnecessary thoughts?

Are you also the same person who thinks over matters that seem useless after certain time?

Are you the same person who regrets after some time that you should not give that particular topic so much priority or shouldn't waste your precious time on it?

Well, it is all the game of brain and its thinking power. Thinking power is the most beautiful and precious gift human could have.

But sometimes it may be harmful thinking a lot unnecessarily.

A human is a natural machine which is much and much complex that we can imagine.

Human brain is one of the most complex thing on the earth. We, humans, still have not discovered much about brain and still discovering.

In the era of many technological equipments and nano technologies, human brain is itself much worthy to be studied.

Human brains works in so amazing way that it can make you so rich and happy if you want, and it may make you mad and sufferer if you don't learn how to focus and control your thoughts.

So, what are the ways to control your thoughts?

First of all, controlling your thoughts is not something that very tough work.

The first thing, before starting any work or anything you have to do, is make your mind that you can do! Yes you can do it! And I'm not lying.

As for my personal experience I am a person who thinks a lot and sometimes deeply.

Let me be honest, sometimes I think what the heck I am thinking about. Sometimes it becomes so horrible to even think about that, it makes me full of awkwardness. Well, leave that.

Also , sometimes, I think in the right direction and I think some very good things, but only when I correctly divert my thoughts in right direction.

Okay, Okay! I know you too are the same person who feels this. Fine.

So, Now what?

Oh yeah 'Controlling Thoughts'!

(Sorry for my story and blah, blah things, but it was important. Wasn't it?)


So what you can do to control your directionless thinking, and how can you make it productive?

Productive! Of course, today is the era of productivity, if you are not a producer then you can not fill your tummy! You will have to be productive either by producing something, selling something or may it be working as middle man for making things easily flow in economy. The thing is you can not run from being productive.

You may adopt a lot of different ways to counter excessive thinking, but try a lot of different ways and find best version of style that specially works for you.

In a research it was found that people adopt many different ways to cope up and avoid unnecessarily thinking. The ways researchers found used by people to avoid negative thinking were

  • Distraction (i.e., engaging in different activities by thinking pleasant thoughts).

  • Social control (i.e., talking to other people about the thought).

  • Worry (i.e., focusing on other concerns)

  • Punishment (i.e., getting angry on oneself)

  • Re-appraisal (i.e., challenging the thought validity) (By Adrian Wells & Mark I. Devies)

Distraction is the most common technique and way you may adopt to avoid intrusive thoughts.

“Wegner et al (1987) suggested that distraction represents one of the major ways by which suppression is attempted.” (Adrian Wells & Mark I. Devies)

However, Punishment and Worry may not be the best ways to avoid negative thoughts but are one of most common techniques used to avoid it.

“...Data... Demonstrates that worry can increase the frequency of subsequent intrusive thoughts (Wells & Papgorgious), and it may therefore be a counterproductive control strategy.” (Adrian Wells & Mark I. Devies)

Now, let me come directly to the point that how can you keep control on your thoughts.

1.Observe Your Thoughts

So, First of all you have to do is observe yourself what kind of thinker you are. Oh! Do you feel it is a bad idea? No it is not. Believe me.

So the thing is you have to take notice which field are you interested to think about.

I, personally, think that a person loves only two or four subjects, the maximum, which makes him happy.

Or say that a person likes to think only about the subjects and areas to which she feels connected.

For me, I find society, relations and meta-physics interesting, and hence I think about these most of the time.

Once you identify yourself what kind of thinker you are, and what are your favourite fields, it will become easier to maintain your thoughts.

Am I making it to complex?

I hope no.

Well, I have a easy way for lazy guys like me to control these stuffs. (Explained in the last.)

2. Stop and Take Diversion

Well, after you recognise what are your favourite fields and topics, you need to hit the next step.

Your next step is- ‘Time to land.’

At your next stage, you will have to ask yourself how the topic you are thinking will help you. If that topic is in the right direction and is going to help you anyway, then let it continue. And if it is not worth you, then it is the right time to stop and it is time to get down.

(i) How one can understand if it is going to help you?

See, a lot of times in your life, you face a lot of situations. May it be daily discussion with family, friends, some stranger, college mates, school friends, relatives, random people on internet. And you know what those parts are that you haven't thought about yet.

This is how you can check if you are in right direction, and divert yourself in particular direction whenever needed.

(ii) How can you divert your thought at any time you want?

It is an easy thing. May be not everytime, but hey! don't lose the hope.

I have a way. Whenever you feel like you are in a position to divert your attention. Follow these simple rules:-

  • Connect it to particular thing you want to think about.

  • Then think about that particular thing.

  • Think using your imagination like your brain does it in dreams. (For e.g., in dream a good road suddenly changes into your greatest fear. all this happens because your brain quickly attaches next thing which have more impact on your psychology.)

So, this step was all about taking a break and then diverting it to wished area.

You have to do all these things very commonly, like you have been in practice for years.

3. Put off the fire if it feels unstoppable

Sometimes, it may feel like how more you try to stop these thoughts, they do not stop. In case, what should you do?

Paradoxically, suppressing a thought creates situation when you think about that particular think more often. Although the counterproductive or paradoxical effect of suppressing process is not found consistenly, but most authors agree on its counterproductive nature. ( Morillo & Gimenez, 2004, Purdon & Clark, 2001)

A lot of things are here that may help you:

• Try to write them down-

Writing your thoughts not only makes you simple and straightforward, but also clarifies your thoughts. There is reason behind the advice of writing things on paper. It is obvious that writing takes time and during that time your brain focuses on one topic. It cools and organizes your brain.

Another thing is that writing needs two operations at the same time, and needs more energy to fuction for thinking and writing at the same time. Keeping your weired and "watery" thoughts on paper makes your brain tired easily, and hence it leaves the thinking work further.

• Get yourself engaged in worthy things-

Engaging youself in worthy and productive things not only developes your personality, but makes your actions valueable.

Whenever you feel that your thoughts are overtaking you, you should immediately give up on them, and start to keep yourself busy. Here is how you can keep yourself busy by engaging yourself in worthy things.

• Start doing things which involve other muscles and organs to distract the brain-

You can start exercises and warm ups to distract the brain, and make your body tired. You can start riding bicycle (not bike) and go to explore the areas you do not know. (But I will suggest take a friend with you). Once you are tired it becomes easy to sleep to restore energy and hence a diversion from over flowing thoughts.

Here is the crazy and easy step for the lazy people like me- sleep more and more (kidding)...

If you are lazy and do not want to work systematically then whenevr you fall in pit of unnecessary thoughts just identify it and scold yourself.

Say to yourself it is just you who is thinking unnecessarily over this. Thinking roads can be changed by a single slight change in condition and timing.

So, these were the ways adopt to avoid unnecessary things and divert them in subject you want. I hope it will help you. Do not lose hope, stay tuned and leave your reviews which will make me happy.

Thank You Reader!

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