How to be a straightforward?

In this world, there are a lot of people outside and many people you have to deal with.

There are many ways you can deal with persons,

1) You can direct approach them without thinking about your tone and voice

2) Or you can be straight in a diplomatic way.

You will agree, of course, that the first one is not going to help you dealing with the society.

So, what is the way to contact people in a straightforward way without hurting them?

What is being straightforward?

Basically, straightforward means that you are being ‘direct’ to the next person about your meaning of sentences. Being straightforward means you are accurate to your meaning, but in a polite and social way.

For example – you are going to ask something from your friend, now instead of circling your voice you’re being direct about your meaning.

This directness in a polite sense is being straightforward.

There is a slight difference in being rude and being straightforward.

When you are rude, you go direct but without thinking about the emotions of next people. Some people may think you’re bold enough, but this isn’t being straightforward. This may seem like you’re angry and may leave a negative impression.

While when you behave straightforward, you behave in a direct way, but you think and care about emotions, feeling of another person. This leaves a positive impression about your personality and character.

Sometimes, it may leave a negative impression as well, according to the societal ethics, but what’s the good thing about being straightforward is, your psyche will be simple and you will not be confused in life.

Being straightforward not only helps you in establishing good relationship or attachments with people, it could make you more realistic and helpful.

Sometimes people fear to say about the real situation of their friends or acquaintances. If your friend asks for reviews or anything, it would be better if you are realistic with politeness.

Being polite over being bold is an important thing that should be preferred. You should stay polite while being realistic or straightforward because not only you want to be straight but also you have to establish good connection with people in society.

What are the steps to be a straightforward:

  • Have clear vision– Have a clear vision in life helps a lot. If you have your fixed vision in daily routine your day will be in your control. Behaving towards a fixed goal not only makes day simple and straight, but leaves a good positive effect on your psychology, too. When you would have a fixed target in daily routine, you would know what you want. So, you would behave accordingly. For example- If you know that you need 1 kg sugar and a coffee pack then you would go straight for these two and buy them. This will not only save your time but make yourself very straight in life.

  • Have your philosophy in life– Some people believe that having a particular philosophy is nothing to do with behaviour. While, this is not the fact! Once you are set with a philosophy this helps you to avoid things that could result bad for you. A person without a philosophy in life is like a person who knows where to go but unaware of roads' division during the voyage. Your life’s philosophy helps not only in clearing your vision about your target but helps you to become more organized and stable.

  • Be confident about what you want– Being confident about your wish or need isn’t really a tough thing. When you know what you really want from a person you could be straightforward about it and ask directly. For example, if you want a coffee packet then you want this thing, simply, there is no doubt about it. You will be confident about it, when you will know that you really want it. Same thing is about dealing with people in society. If you want growth of your friend you will help her by saying right things like “You should do this and that thing in this particular way to make it better.” Saying ‘good’ to good things and ‘bad’ to bad things is what ultimately make you loved person. And this could be only possible if you would be straight about yourself.

  • Understand your Yes or No– Knowing when to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ is important. This not only helps you in being straight and direct but also helps you too function smoothly and avoid unwanted situations. These days being direct in approach with politeness have become an important factor of success. Be it in the field of business or daily normal life routine, politeness with being direct makes your life’s routes clear.

  • Stay simply honest to yourself– Staying honest with yourself is a thing which makes things clear in your mind. Eventually you come to know what you really wants from life. When you stay simple and honest to yourself only then you can become honest to the next person. It is important to be honest to the next person for being direct in approach. Like if you are not clear and honest with yourself, then how could you really come to any conclusion, in case if you try to be direct.

  • Don’t think too much about others feeling– It is good if you think about others emotions and feelings before saying anything. However, thinking too much about the feelings and emotions of others is harmful not only to you but also to the next person. Suppose you over think about feelings and emotions of others and don’t say the right things to them which could make them correct themselves. Ask yourself now is it right? When situations comes like you have to say it for right reasons, then don’t over think about others, after all you’re doing it for the welfare of them. So say it, but never forget to be polite.

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