Why you become angry? What are the things that should be followed to completely avoid rage?

Let's dive in...

When something goes opposite to our wish we start to feel irritated over this, and this irritation when becomes out of control; generates anger. You may have noticed that anger is a situation when things go out of control and we want to show our disagreement to it, so just we make our faces so horrible and our fists tight and as a result a feeling to hurt something or someone comes in the mind.

People use to show anger in many ways. Some uses rude or offensive words, some uses physical aggression, some becomes violent. But in anger people don't notice, usually, what they're doing or saying. They just do what their brain and hormonal activity says to them at once. It is otherwise, that as you grow up, you learn to control your anger somewhat. You try to see what will be the consequence of action being taken in anger, but also true that you may not see this in so many people.

However, anger has terrible side effects not to your body only, but on your life too.

How anger arises in many people?

If you're a teenager, you would be aware that most of the teenagers show anger, generally, because of their hormonal imbalances and their mental state. They try to set balance with the societal things. A teenager has some previous knowledge and alongside he has much curiosity like a child and when he is looked down upon by people as a child, he becomes angry. Same happens with teenager girls.

Normally, otherwise, anger may arise due to many factors.


You may have seen that people use to see everything according to their mental state, I know that this is what should happen for best, but this shouldn't be practices always.

Do you get frustrated when anything doesn't happen according to your idea?

Right! This is what plays an important role in anger in people. When things don't go according to their wish, they frustrate over this and show anger. Some use offensive words, phrases or sentences. Some people adopt physical violence and start destruction like Thanos. Okay, you don't have to be Thanos, he is enough sole.

Also, when unexpected things occur to people fixed in their schedule, they get disturbed which may put pressure on their brain because human brain doesn't easily adopts changes, and eventually they express anger over this which may sometimes result dangerous.


Nowadays, one thing has been common nearly in everyone that they have prioritized themselves for extreme levels which become a problem in their anger management.

In normal people anger arises when things don't go accordingly them. People use to become angry over things which don't satisfy them or don't go on as they wish. Some people become angry because of stress, anxiety and pressure due to their work. But if we look at it on micro levels, we find that people become angry on things which don't seem to follow their own perspective about things.

People have their own 'cement fixed' moral systems which may or may not be right according to someone else, but this is other thing, not related to discussion. They prioritize themselves to so much extent that even a slight change or cross by someone else via their moral system hurts them. They become furious because of this.


People, who want to understand things, don't frustrate over things easily because it is the time necessary to be angry which they invest in learning things.

Generally, people don't want to get the whole and they misunderstand their incomplete knowledge for whole. They stick to their own ideas and belief, and this becomes a big obstacle for their progress and development in life. Coming to the point, sticking hard to your ideas and belief not only makes your life rigid but quick tempered because while the world is changing with such high speed sticking to your ideas will, definitely, make you short tempered and angry.


Anger isn't such a bad thing unless it is not expressed in positively and progressive way that could help in your personal growth.

So what are the necessary things you should know if you want to leave it and become a calmer person with peaceful psyche?


You should know that this life is to learn and grow, no matter how young or old you are, there is always something new to learn. When you highly prioritize or value yourself, what you do is shut you doors of learning closed, making yourself too much important. This approach is somewhat good if you are enough mature and enough experienced, but I personally don't believe that this stage ever comes in anyone's life. When you overrate yourself, you start to give yourself too so much importance that when things go in other ways, you frustrate over things and your demon anger comes out. So do one thing, never overly rate yourself and always ready to learn a new thing.


Everything in this world has positive and negative side. Isn't it?

When you try to refine this balance, for your own sake, you disturb the balance. This disturbance has to come up somewhere to bane the surrounding, again, either you are aware of it or not.

Trying to refine everyone surrounding you isn't that much important for your personal growth. What can you do, at most, is to make them understand things only if they ask it to you. Suppose, you become successful in making things right as you want, then what? You'll come to know one day things weren't right as you used to see in your younger times and now, again, you'll try to refine things! It is so waste! Things are good as they are, you don't have to over try making them right, just play your necessary roles and take necessary steps.


It is the most difficult thing, giving place to others ideas in your consciousness seems you have to leave yourself down and leave others win. It may seem tough deed, but this is the most valuable step to control anger.

But what has this to do with others if I'm trying to control my anger? I understand, but think about why you become angry. Do you ever angry over yourself listening to a melodious song when no one disturbs you? OR Do you become furious over yourself when you accidentally cut your finger by knife? The possible answer I can think of is "NO".

The reason you become angry is interference of other people, like when others disturb you or cut your finger (may be accidentally), and at sudden you start to behave like a fireman.

So, the thing is when you learn to respect others ideas, you learn not to over prioritize yourself and eventually there remains no reason to become angry about.

Good Luck

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