'How far can you go for pain?'

“If I ask you a question that how far you want to go for pain in your life?”

I don’t think many of you will be actually willing to answer in a positive direction.

People want success and happiness in their life. None want to work hard in their life. No person wants to sit in the front of the table and book to work hard.

People always see the success and the top list of a person. People peep into the medal winning award show of famous personalities and sigh. Most of the people usually say “Alas! If I would also be so lucky like her.”

You must always have in memory that there is no particularly mapped way for success. Even an athlete runs over a field so many times that he becomes expert of that area. A writer becomes a famous one and everyone know this but none sees the sleepless nights of him, sobering hours, and countless effort to push herself and many written pages with worst story.

“What do you think you can win the race here simply by tossing a coin in the air?”

A seed has to come out of its coat to become a tree. The baby plant has to bear fear of being crushed and death until it becomes enough strong.

A legend person doesn’t become great in one day.

You may think of adopting a shortcut. A lot of writings can be easily found that ‘Adopting these particular steps you can become this or that!’ But are really they going to work? The answer is- at least you have to try!

The harder you go for it, the more steps of pain are present there for you.

“What you’re going to choose for yourself?”

*This is what you will have to keep in mind*.

You once decide to choose the pain then the pain decides your bright future.

The path of success isn’t determined. The more the travellers on it, the more paths can be found of it. It is certain that the path going to the brightness has always to pass through darkness. In the path of success pain is the ultimate companion.

It teaches you to bear the patience, compassion, strength, wisdom and much more. Success is not the ultimate goal you should be ready for, instead it is the whole process along with the pain and you must keep trying for.

“What is success?” This is not a better question. The better question is “Why is it necessary to bear pain?”

The more you will try for your goal, the more you will have to pay for it.

Even love isn’t an easy thing. People want to have love and beautiful partner but many of them don’t succeed. Do you know why? It is never an easy task. It needs sleepless night talks, quick reply chats, beautiful memories and those hard tries in background of it. A long term relationship with a wished partner requires those teary nights, unexpected mental break down, long staring phone screen with patience and hope.

He, who becomes ready to go through all these mental pains, wins the match.

The best thing about the pain you go through during your war between hope and circumstances is, it teaches you to become a warrior.

The pain has a lot of energy than success provides. He, who turns these energies into direction of his goal, becomes king.

A question generally people don’t know about- “How to wisely go through the pain?”

First of all, I want to tell you that if this is question you are in search for then you are in right direction to your goal.

Pain has a certain thing about it- it never seems ending until you are done with your target. This could come in form of depression, less confidence, doubt about career, responsibilities during defined goal, taunts by others, expectations, amnesia.

The point is, if you want to go to success then you would have to go through all of it whatever you've started. Leave nothing as far as your mental and physical health goes with you.

Regular Pain is the ultimate key to way of success. The more you press yourself towards the goal, the more pain will come to you. Eventually, you will come nearer to your goal.

“Have you ever played temple run?” I think most of the answers will come, yes!

It is like so, pain is the every coin in the path of success. Only condition is here the pain coin is everywhere and you have to act wisely to get success.

At last if you want to become successful, be ready for pain.

Count from when it starts to pain.

Everything gained without pain isn’t success, consider it!

Thanks Reader!

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