Everything you need to know about effects of friend/friends circle

Do you know that the type of company you keep yourself with affects you? Do you think that you and your friend have the same likes and dislikes and it is constantly going to be the same?

Well, yes, you are thinking right, your companion affects you. May it be positively or negatively, but it affects you.

Let us look over some general things which you may have heard since your childhood.

If a child lives with a group of animals since starting, s/he will likely to behave and speak like them. Well, okay, okay! I won't mind, you can think of Tarzan.

Let me tell you a good story (in brief) about two parrots. Yes, you get it right, they were kin, but got separated in a storm. A group of saints found one parrot, and a group of thieves found the other parrot. So what happened next? Come-on, don't make a guess... You will ruin the taste of the story.

Okay, the story...

The Saint's parrot started to sing the old rhymes of saints', and the thieves' parrot started to speak harshly and offensive words, as expected.

So this was the effect of company those parrots fell into. Of course, this was a metaphorical and imagined one, but the moral of the story is–yes, you get it right–“whatever company you keep it affects you.”

So the point is, how does companionship affects you?

How your friends can affect you?

You can find a lot of stories about how "XYZ" changed after s/he made a friend with good qualities, and also about how "ABC" lost everything sooner by falling into the trap of bad company.

We all see movies and read stories, but what? We forget them because we read them just for entertainment purpose! Here's a tip: don't read or see things just for sake of reading and seeing, observe them and try to apply them with your knowledge for your betterment.

Everything in this universe is related to each other in a complex way, and changing the coordination of one changes the same for others with respect to it. So it is clear that energy and matter are always related to each other. Likewise, the effect of environment and friendship is also visible. Let us expand and discuss it.

So, here's how and to what extent your friends can affect you.

1. Friends can change your thinking style. The company you select for yourself or the company which you select by luck is going to affect your thinking style.

It will change/modify your thinking style about things drastically. First of all when you allow someone to enter into your thought cycle, you let some space to them into your thought cycle. This is just like sharing your car space with some people.

May they be good or not, you have allowed others to take somewhat power of your thought cycle and so they will change/modify it.

It may be your personal thought about society or any particular thing. When you shared your personal space, you gave them overriding power already.

So be cautious who you give power to modify your thinking pattern. I recommend, do it the way you want. That means, wherever you want to go in your life choose the people who also have same or more ambition in their life.

There is no sense of sharing your car with a person who has to go in the opposite direction of your journey.

2. Your selected friend/friend circle affects thoughts about yourself. If you are the person who is not so confident about something, then choose someone who has a good mindset and is confident in things that you are not. So that s/he can help you in overcoming these things which is stopping you to enjoy your life fully.

If you go to a gym the chances of your body building increases. Same is here, have a company of people/person who can bring positive change in you.

Friends can uplift by giving some motivation even by slight push. You don't know when a single sentence would motivate you–Like, "Hey! I know you will do it, and I believe in you"–these little words work like energy boosters.

You may have heard telling people that the college has helped him/er in rising to the level they wouldn't have imagined. Ever imagined how this happens?

In the world of college a lot of variety of people, various activities' and various talents' are the factors which affect them. It is this thing responsible as "catalyst."

3. Friends can change your preferences and likes-dislikes. Of course, I'm not talking about social media's likes and dislikes. I'm not very fan of these things, but for sure I'm enough convinced about the positive effects of social media.

Anyway, if your friend has somewhat different tastes than you, then obviously you will have to manage it and in the long run it will affect you.

For example, a research found that spending time with smokers and smoking even a single cigarette increases the probability of smoking habits in you.

I personally know, one of my relatives who started to smoke because he has been holding a shop of cigarettes for more than 5 years. He has been in the exposure of smoke for so long that he didn't feel any danger or immorality in smoking.

So Bravo, Things affect you in long run!

4. Friends affect your present and so your future. Whatever you do at present is the thing which is going to decide what you will become in your future.

Your "exposure" in the present develops your probability of contact to that particular thing in future.

If you develop a habit of exercise or going to gym, then you will feel more easy to go in gym in future. If you taste beer and alcohol then it is most equally likely that you will feel no immorality/uneasy on touching the alcohol in future.

If you prefer to spend your day into the campus rather than going to the library, then it is certain that you will earn an extra burden of today's work. (Because mate, work will exponentially increase.)

If you select a friend who has the same goals as you, then it is more likely that you both will make progress towards it, and increase the probability of becoming successful.

Friends with same goals can help in the areas in which you're weak, and they may uplift you.

But if you make a bad decision and let the wind flow by itself, then you know that a paper airplane has no fixed destination to go.

5. They can affect your whole life if you overly indulge with them. It is clearly certain that a good friend is one who sets his boundaries and knows when to help you by interrupting.

You make a friend who is very smart and intelligent, but isn't ready to set his boundaries, then you know what will happen! You will lose your comfortability because you won't like judgements and interruptions every time and making your "personal" a public space!!!

If a friend doesn't know what's good and better for you then s/he will likely pull you towards his "center of action".

By "center of action", I mean that whatever s/he will tell you, it will be only whatever s/he has experienced or say whatever s/he has done in the past.

And you know what happens to a clean water if it goes in a muddy pond, and also what happens to salty water when it goes in a fresh/sweet water lake.

The Sleeper Effect

The Sleeper effect is termed by Carl Hovland. This means if you come in contact with something/someone, then in the long terms the chances of your contact to that particular object/person increases.

Here we can use this theory famous in the 1950s and 1960s to understand that how the single and even a half bad decision can impact you in the long run.

In the long term, it doesn't matter how you take any friend or acquaintance to whom you contact, it is going to influence you somehow.

So what would be the best way to avoid these unnecessary things? Forewarning. Forewarning means that you have an idea about a particular future event. Research shows that because of forewarning you get the time for deciding what is beneficial for you and how to react with it.

Now are you thinking why I'm saying so? Because now you know how and to what limits decisions about friendship may affect you. Now you have the power and time to react to this particular thing. So be cautious and alert about your decisions. Friendship is not only friendship; it affects your life.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't make friends or anything like this. But if are serious about your aim, target, career, focus, and life; then it is you who should decide what is your main priority? Is it only making friends? Or anything else?

You know that even a bad memory can hit a person for entire life. So what are you thinking? Whatever you do, do it with precautions.

Use "forewarning" technique. Collect information and knowledge about it. This is the way you will be able to cope up with uncertain things about to come in your life. Use experiences of others. You know that's the thing we do in our whole life.

Copy, Learn and Cope. This is the best idea.

Life isn't a chemistry lab, I agree, but it is more complex than that. You don't know which chemicals you need to start the reaction, also you don't know what are the compounds which could cause a blast!

So, step ahead in life with precautions.

Now let me know what you feel about this article, and if you find this article useful, then please let me know it. It would make my day. I would appreciate your comments and love.

Thank You Reader! :)

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