Have you ever thought about empty mind?

Having an empty mind means having no idea about second moment coming in your life.

Sometimes you may have plans about what you're going to do in next hour. You may have thought about visiting a historic place, fair, park in evening, dinner at hotels and many other things. You may have popular ideas in your brain and you may have better plans to do a work.

But when it comes about the emptiness of the mind, 'empty' means 'nothing' in particular.

It is not as much simple, but here empty as 'nothing' means blurred images of thoughts or unclear ideas in your mind.

Emptiness related to physical space and "emptiness' related to mind are the two different things

Minds are the non-spatial things while physical things are three-dimensional objects. So emptiness in mind is the state of mind when you have got something to tell and write about but it is not clear to you what is that thing in particular.

Is having an empty mind bad?

Having an empty mind has good as well as bad impacts.

An empty mind in discussion hall or discussion room isn't a good thing at all. Although if you are in situation to ask question then clearing your mind is a good think. In question period, it is often better to forget about all the biases. A new start with a new perspective to see all the topics condition helps in questioning period.

While an empty mind during need of some creativity may not result helpful.

Besides some cultures saying is that 'an empty mind is the devil's workshop', but it is not the fact all the time. For say without an empty mind you can't concentrate, meditate, and focus to study.

so, what is the real matter about being empty minded person? Most of the creative persons are the empty minded persons. For they can get idea while walking, roaming, running and while observing people.

Observing power is the basic requirement for being creative. But to obtain observing power you have to be empty minded first.

To open your mind it is necessary that you, first, empty your mind.

What are the good points of having an empty mind?

1. It helps in meditation.

2. It helps in focusing at studies.

3. It helps in seeing things with a new perspective.

4. It helps to be a good listener.

5. It helps you to live happily.

  1. It helps in meditation.

Having empty mind allows you to free your brain from unnecessary thoughts. It helps you to swipe out meaningless and waste things in which mere thinking isn't going to work.

Have you ever see the lighting diyas? To burn continuously, the first condition of diya is that it must get oil as fuel freely. To allow the flow of the energy, as fuel, you must focus on one thing at a time and emtying your mind helps in this.

2. It helps in focusing at studies.

As a student, you must be familiar with continuous study of different subjects.

Schools and colleges also understand the importance of 'free empty mind'. So, a ten or fifteen minutes time is allowed to students to empty their mind or say to change their focus from previous subject.

This not only allows them to rest their brain but also empty their brain to make it ready for new informations.

But yes, humans have limits and they can't empty their mind often. So, schools and colleges have limited times set to study.

3. It helps in seeing things with a new perspective

Brain helps you to perceive things. Once you set a roadmap for a destination your brain starts to work in that particular direction.

Setting a new roadmap needs previous one to be deleted. A new roadmap means different point of view about any particular subject or topic. The process of deleting the previous roadmap and setting a new involves 'clearing mind'.

You may have noticed while solving trigonometry questions, of once you take a false step answer seems impossible to come. Ultimately, it needs to be resolved with alternate view.

I think this example would have made the importance of empty mind clear.

4. It helps to be a good listener

Listening needs an open brain and a brain ready to accept new data and information from speaker.

To make your brain open you have to leave all the previous set of knowledge and experiences about the topic.

Brain works and remembers thing by branching them like trees and attaching it to your personal experiences. so, when you become ready to accept all the new informaton you have to clear the previous branches for a short time.

Here comes the process, making the previous data blur and focusing on new informations is done by emptying mind.

5. It helps you to live happily

Life is full of of twists and turns. Of course, I am not only talking about big turns but little ones also.

Exam pressure, deadline dangers, family problems, career problems and relationship issues are the things which are, sometimes, hard to handle.

To focus on good things you need to adopt a certain method to do it. May it be much difficult for you but "Human is a natural machine of habits".

You may have noticed by yourself that the extraordinary people, whom you are huge fan, are the ones who practice their fields much much more than average ones.

what they do is clear their mind and focus on what they want to achieve. it may look like a motivational "Secret" movie type thing but it really helps. Without focus you won't do that thing and without doing it 'forget' to get it.

Emptying brain helps you to bury unwanted things. And Leaving garbage things outside of the perimeter of success circle helps you to focus.