Here's How to Copy, Learn, and Cope to Grow Smarter

Copy, learn, and cope is a theory that CAN help you achieve much more than you are at present in your life. Whatever you have been doing till now, you always have the chance to make it in the right way and right direction. No matter how good your technique was, there is always an option to polish it.

Migrating Birds has learned how to copy, learn/adapt, and cope.
Migrating Birds has learned how to copy, learn/adapt, and cope..

So you are reading this because you want to learn and polish your technique to shine it. Let us look at some of the problems that you may have faced because you did not want to copy and learn at that particular time. You didn't want to copy, learn and adapt, so you failed in the exam! Did you lose the race in PUBG because you didn't copy, learn and adapt the good techniques than your enemy? Of course, it happens! Did you fail to make someone understand your ideas importance because you did not work to improve your communication skill? Yeah, Fleshy, communication is something that we learn by copying each other. May it be copying face expressions, tone, body language or anything, it is all about copying and learning (to cope).

How smarter people live their life?

Let me begin this entire section with an interesting and deep question. How we learn things and how it becomes possible for us to grow? Smart people have a tendency of engaging themselves in worthy things that can uplift that level of life. May it be the case of finance, health, knowledge, technology skills, learning new things is their popular yet secret weapon that helps them to stand aside from the crowd. They learn new things and increase their life standards because that's the basis why we are discussing it. Copying is something that you can't deny in your life. To whatever extent in our life, it occurs, but it will exist in your life. You are constantly copying everything. The sentence you are reading right now is the process of recalling those alphabets and learned rules to get the meaning of it. You are making a new copy of thoughts each time you think about any particular thing. It may seem debatable at the surface but as you go in deep you find that each and every time follow a rule you copy something. Smartness is a topic of different opinion. But what's the common thing in all smart people and who are, say, rich now that they are constantly copying new things or making their copied things right so that it may work for them. When I was in my school, I was amazed to see the fact that how my school grew so big while others don't at such a big rate. What I find the factor responsible for this was that they were constantly trying to correct them by adjusting and adapting the correction. This was the extension of copying—you learn things and adapt them, or you copy then learn from it and adapt it according to yourself. That's the secret weapon of my school's headmasters who usually gave that speech over improvement day by day. But it is otherwise that mostly none of us paid attention to it. ;)

What Can You Do To Copy, Learn (Adapt), and Cope

You should pay attention to a baby when you speak constantly in front of him. He constantly looks onto your face until you stop it. His face expressions show that he is trying to process into his mind. It is by regular learning and trying to process in the brain he becomes able to speak after some years. So what does he do? He copies your constant meanings, expressions, and words, of course.

How AIs in the present time learning at such a tremendous rate? They are copying things to make sense (I know that its non-sense to say that AIs are trying to make sense but if we are just talking about language then it makes sense to say that.) They are learning things, and seriously I don't want that days come when they try to adapt things according to themselves. If you'd have seen the movie “I”, then probably you would be getting my point. There's a famous saying that “If you can't beat them, join them”. What this famous saying is all about? This says, if you can not beat your opponent then join that side of him/her. It's all about adaptation for survival. How you can copy things when there exists a copyright thing? Haha! Good question. And I'd say to keep this question in mind whenever you bring the idea to copy something without prior permission. Okay! Now the point is copying means you should find out what is best for you out there and practice it in your own way. You should learn the basics, know the possible impacts and then learn―adapt―that thing. Obviously, Learn doesn't mean adapt in dictionary, but here in practical life it means so-so. Let's suppose that you are trying to cope the life thing more effectively, so you are about to start a business. First learn about yourself that means recopy all the taught things, and about your interests and then evaluate yourself. Let's suppose you have done this and find out what is best for you, then learn about it. As I said earlier learn the basics and possible impacts of it in your life and then take this positive risk. Once you know that what things are not working for you, you can make improvement in that- that's what I called ADAPT. When you know How to copy, learn, and adapt; you will conclusively come to know that you've learned how to cope up with the life.

Is adaptation really a thing that's tough?

Well let's talk about frogs. Calm-down. It has a purpose. Normal frogs, they go to sleep when things aren't favorable to them. Since they aren't smart as humans they can't make the atmosphere and their surrounding much further favorable than hibernating. So, they go to sleep for a few months.

Let's take the case of birds, what do they do when climate becomes unfavorable or uncomfy for them? Yes, you got it right, they migrate. They migrate to the place where they can live comfortably. This is all the process of adaptation. They teach the same to their babies- Copy, learn, and cope technique. What's this thing has to do with human life and psychology? Okay, deep down you know this does have connection with psychology.

How can you adapt according to the situation to cope up?

Well, I don't think I need to tell you that what's good and what's bad for you. That's the thing you have to do it by yourself. So, the only thing I can tell you about is when and what to do to cope up. The important and best thing about life is it gives you time for whatever you want to do for yourself. And you're right that it's different for each and every next person. So take the time and learn to copy life things for improvements (not academics without prior permission), then apply them and find out what's not working out for you. The moment you find out that what's the thing that was creating hindrance in your case, you complete the half task of your improvement. Now you have to find out the solution of it because you have the problem already. So Once you find the problem it all you know that you have coped up the situation. (Try to find an alternative or more improved way that can enhance your strength. Try this by applying this method “Trial and Error”, because nothing in this world of imperfection is built without trial and error. In fact, we humans are a result of trial and error games of DNAs). Now what?

Ultimately, there remains nothing other than learning. So, learn more the situation from various viewpoints and different angels. Try reading more about that particular thing, and pay close attention to it, so that whenever the situation comes again you can adapt easily and win the situation by coping it successfully. In life apply trial and error to find out what's best for you. You can't simply bring up new things because everything is related to each other so amazingly that you'd have finally to copy things in your brain and process it like a kid. Once picking the stone in food you can easily remove it and try to change the hotel next time to enjoy food without any stony thing. Enjoy the life!

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