5 Best easy ways to avoid boredom

Nowadays, technology has been so common that most of the persons have access to it. Technology has made easy access to information, data, entertainment, cash transfer, quick talks and connectivity and much more but it has some of the major side effects in society that is making people sad to themselves.

According to a research, 37% children, 4 -11 age, use to have low activity level, 65% have high screening time (tablet, smartphone, television etc.) And 26% have a combination of these two. Research shows that even from that small age they are not meeting recommended physical and outdoor activities. (Anderson & Whitaker, 2010)

Other researches have shown that obesity, depression, violent behaviour due to adult games, fluctuation in character, lack of sleep quality are the some side effects of excessive use of technology.

In this time, it is no strange if you, too, become sad towards yourself. Therefore, it is prescribed that use the technology but in a limit moreover only when it is required.

If you find sadness and repetition of things in your daily life you can adopt some of the ways to make your day blissful and awesome-

Easy ways to amuse yourself-

  • Change your voice and tone (for a fixed hours)

If you are bored of daily routine then try to change your voice and tone in new fashion. Likewise you can adopt some famous person’s speaking style or develop a new one. This could be good for your future carrier as you may come to know that may be you’ve a great skill in voice changing.

  • Try gardening

As for my personal views I love to do it. Research shows that garden, plants and flowers have positive effect on your mood.

Garden needs regular cutting as to look nice and it could be best place to show your creativity. So pick up necessary tools and begin it!

  • Try altering your daily routine

Some people fix themselves to a set daily routine and work efficiently. This is the right way for business purpose and being regular but if you’re tired of it, why not break it for some time and break the routine.

This would make your fixed mood a little disturbed and an you will be able to relax for a few days.

  • Try gaining new experiences

I don’t mean that you invest money. Not at all! These are free of cost ways to fresh yourself from boredom.

Try something new like if you write with Rorito then it’s time to use some fountain pens. Little things effect on our mood. And new experiences could make you rich (leave wealth topic) in this way!

  • Help people in need.

If you want to feel real happiness and relaxation then it is recommended that help others in need. Try to help without use of economy, help them with your physical presence, try to talk to a person who is feeling alone or however you could help.

Happiness is contagious.

The more you bring smile on faces the more happy you would be. After all who don’t want to feel like a good human being.

These are the some free and best easy ways which I personally prefer when I feel bored. I suggest you to try to adopt few or all as you feel. Avoiding boredom isn’t so easy but–

Where there is a will there’s a way.

Keep tuned for more!

Thank You

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