Are you socially isolating yourself?

Well, before you make any kind of assumption I suggest you to leave idea about isolation back.

In the modern era technology has made the world very close. Social platforms, social events, fast speeding vehicles, aeroplanes etc. have made communication and gathering easier.

But this has opposite effects, too.

Many people are not okay with gathering and socialising whether many are interested in it so heartily.

In the society like today's various people are found like introverts, extroverts, people with individualistic mindset of society etc.

Now, come to the topic:

What does isolation mean?

In general view Isolation is a physical thing.

But when the term social gets connected with it, isolation gets two dimensions, in broad views-

  • Physical isolation

  • Mental Isolation

Physical isolation denotes, straight, when a person keeps himself/herself away from others. Physically not interacting with social members and not texting, replying with them.

This condition could be both intentionally or unintentionally.

Some persons don't like interacting a lot and keeping themselves busy all day along.

They prefer to give themselves proper time for recharging their battery and personal development. Some people are like that they can't even live properly without giving themselves a good quality time.

So, basically, physical isolation is something that relates to physical interactions based over the mental state of a person.

Where as, Mental isolation is little complex. A person may be mentally isolating him/herself while attending a party or going to an event. Mental isolation is like feeling loneliness where a person may feel not to connected with people in surrounding and could mentally isolate herself to her personal thought cycle.

Characteristics of social isolation–

There are some hints which could help to stop yourself from isolating yourself if you're doing it unintentionally:

  • Disconnected Feeling

If you are feeling disconnected from other people and use to spend a lot of time sleeping, watching netflix or anything which is unusual. Sometime it comes up in mind like you are disconnected but is is not a matter of tension if it doesn't stays for enough long time.

  • Not replying texts, calls

If it is usual that you quickly reply texts or etc. and now there's a behavioural change in recent in you then it may be the knock, knock of the social isolation. But if it happens towards some persons only then it is not the thing to think about.

  • Started to sleep more

For me personally, I am an introvert person, so it is sometimes normal for not getting too much socialised and interactive. But if you're in habit of talking new people and interacting out socially then a gradual or sudden change in sleeping pattern may be indicator of social isolation.

  • Unusual Feelings–

If you have started to feel something unusual and find yourself unable to express to freinds and family then it is time to push yourself outdoor and avoid social isolation.

But if you are feeling this because of mental isolation, as is usually in this case, you should slowly start to engage yourself with people who understand and respect you.

The better way to identify whether you are socially isolating yourself or not is to keep check your behaviour and feelings. I know it is tough for keeping eye in condition this but believe me this isolation case is game of mind and could be solved by keeping eye over it.

What are the things which could help in case?

Social isolation could be good for people who prefer to talk less, engage themselves less and are less interactive because they need more time for themselves to grow internally.

But if you are unintentionally isolating yourself then here are some of the things which could help you getting out of it:

  1. Read some good booksI'd not suggest to read any novel and any movies. It happens in some cases that people attach themselves to the character they see in novels etc. therefore it becomes a responsibility of you for yourself what you read! Also, browse online, keeping in mind the subject, for your current situation.

  2. Talk to a good friend– Talk to the person who know you most. Tell him about your situation and what do you want. Just don't go and say it to anyone but find someone who is your close and sensible. Talk him regularly and ask openly for her/him help to go out of the situation.

  3. Try to know more and more about yourself and behaviour– As you will know more about yourself you will slowly get to know the way to avoid it. Try to seek help of Doctors in this field.

  4. Go outside– Going outside will help you as you may get in interaction with new people and know interesting things throughout your walk. Discover new place in this walk and give some happy time you will feel good.

  5. Indulge in good activities– Helping others who are needy gives a relaxing feeling. Helping others will make your heart more humble and cooperating while doing this you will communicate and feel great.

Social isolation is sometime harmful if you become depressed however it is not such a worrying thing if do it intentionally for a limited time. Sometime, it becomes necessary to cut yourself from society for positive growths but you should keep an eye over this time duration. Anything in limits is good.

Have you ever felt like socially isolating... Keep an eye over this!

Stay connected But Grow Quietly!

Thank You

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