Are we really social beings?

Human is a social animal.

This is a very basic statement that we can find in almost everything where human kind of stuff exists.

Few of the things are notable that in this world ‘everything is systematically organised in chaos'. This may look a very contradictory statement to you but this has a deep meaning inside.

First of all, every species or family behaves in a social way; may it be much socialized or less.

Every animal have a social structure. They need affection, love, feel anger, happiness, satisfaction and fear. All these features or characters are important for being social and almost every animal have these.

Now things which make us, humans, different from these animals are–

  • Capability to think

  • Advance level of performing social connection.

Other qualities more or less come under these broad categories.

If humans have more complex social structure then it doesn’t mean that they are most advanced and supreme species on earth.

As the most powerful person is not necessarily the smartest, in the same way the most complex structured society is not the most social.

When we talk about society then there comes certain rules of society, which we call ethics, important for sustainability of that society. Whenever that ethics is broken or not followed, society doesn’t meet its fixed criteria.

Let’s take help of some thought experiments to think about it.

  • 1). Suppose you are sleeping and when you open your eyes you find yourself in a locked box. You aren’t able to make a guess who put you there. You have seriously no idea who could do it to you. Now you will start to make guess over persons you know, of course, because you can’t guess a person who is unknown to you.

Now, if you’re making guess that your acquaintances may have done this to you then how trustworthy are the people surrounding you and how enough socialized you are to not make guess over your acquaintances?

Now in this case, two things are certainly clear that it may be possible that someone unknown may have put you there but still the question remains same. Which type of supreme society is this that an unknown person comes up and puts you in trouble? It couldn’t be?

And if it is done by person whom you know then they aren’t trustworthy at all.

And if you are making guess over your known ones then you don’t believe your community or closed people. This seems absurd for a supreme society.

  • 2). People always say that they are most civilised, superior and advanced species. They say a lot about their moral values, ethical system and their advanced technology to prove themselves advanced.

Now focus over this, Humans are the only species who have killed their own type beings (during WWs and local wars) a lot and a lot more than any other species would have done. So how one could say that humans are the most civilised and superior beings?

In two world wars, a lot of people have died. And locally a lot of wars have been fought between the people and many people have died in those wars. Is this a sign of an advanced society.

I agree, that on these two questions, only, one may not make clear perspective about socialization of this society. But these are the things which should be considered too.

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