7 Magic Keys to Develop the Best Friends Forever Bond

Being best friends forever with someone who gives good vibes is indeed a better idea even to think. A lot of people make friends and try to go on with their friendship bond, but eventually fail to do so. There are a lot of factors responsible for this.

But we will not focus over this now. Instead, we are just going to focus over how you can be a great forever friend and live your life a little more.

Friends have many forms. Some people find their friends in plants and animals, while some are great in social activities so they make a lot of human friends. Friends are a supporting system for human beings. Good friendships increase the longevity of humans. If you want to create more enthusiastic bond with your friend, or you are the person who wants to make a friend forever in your life, then let me tell you that you are in the right place.

How to create best friends forever bond with your friend?

First things first, never run behind the tags like best friends forever, friends forever, BFFs, or forever friends. Why am I saying the actual opposite thing?Calm down, fleshy! I've got the reason that you should know before all the detailed matter! So, let's chat Patt! I am telling you to never run behind these materialistic tags because if you try doing that, your subconscious mind will eventually stick to it, and you know what happens then! If your subconscious mind sticks to a particular thing, then it acts in the same direction to achieve that thing. But... wait! Your friendship bond... hmm, best friendship bond forever... Do you want it to make a lifeless target or something like that? I don't think so. Before explaining all the "tips and tricks", let me explain it a little more. Let us suppose you want to make the best forever bond with your friend, and you eventually start to think about possible ways and paths to reach that specific goal of yours. Guess what happens then, you start to put your energy in this process and so your brain silently reminds you of that. And in the next few steps you will adopt all the possible ways for achieving it. And eventually you may blast the balloon off! The more you will put effort into something just only keeping the target in your mind, the more chances are there that you will end up messing all the things. How and Why? Because not the target but the way of doing things matters the most! I'm not saying that you should develop the best possible way to make your friend forever bond, but you should pay more attention to the path of doing it. You should take help of Buddha's "MIDDLE PATH" for establishing your delicate forever friendship bond. Now let's hop over the possible ways for YOU, FLESHY! ;)

1. Appreciate your friend whenever the situation demands. I'm not saying that you should always appreciate your friend. Damn! Never try to do that. It will ruin your value in your friendship bond. None want a friend who always says the favourable things. But you should appreciate the good works of her/him. Keep supporting, that requires nothing but some little efforts and words either chatting or by e-mails. 2. Try to develop that irreplaceable special magic between both of you. Something which is most important between best friends is that no one other them can replace their place. I agree that every person has their own aura and vibes, but the special bond that s/he feels with you makes you special in the developing forever friendship bond. You need not to put so much extra labour over this thing, but try to focus over your personality and develop some of the things that make you special than the rest. It will certainly help you to become an irreplaceable friend. If you want to know some of the quick hints about it, then it is here. Read good books which can make you more wiser, or the laziest thing you could try to is staying as positive in the dark times as possible. This POSITIVITY thing acts as catalyst in the friendships. 3. Share your locked secrets. Fleshy, if you want to create a better friendship bond that lasts forever, then you should develop a habit of sharing your some of your locked secrets to your friend. Why do you need this? Because sharing your secrets that not every next person knows indicates your friend that you trust her/him. After all, Trust is the fundamental unit of friendship, and to develop trust magic between you and your future BFF you need to open up. Quick reminder: It is totally upon you that how much deep you want to go sharing your secrets because I would never say to trust with your closed eyes. Come-on Fleshy, it may hurt you whenever things go wrong in the long run. 4. Give your BFF some personal space. You should give you friend forever his/her personal space.Every person needs some time to think about her/himself. Just like you need sleep, every person needs personal space to grow, focus, develop some habits that could help in making a good life. You can not be so sure about when your friend needs his or her space so you should pay close attention to his or her hints. For example when you BFF says that he is not sure about talking about a particular topic anymore, then probably it is the hint that you should not pull that topic anymore. 5. Know when to interrupt and give your time. Likewise giving personal space, you should know when to interrupt and give emotional and logical supports to your friend forever. While trying to be a guide or a friend with the true welfare wish in your heart, you should not cross your boundaries.

You may have heard the story of the caterpillar which dies as soon as someone crosses his boundary to help it by removing its outside covering with which it had to struggle to become strong enough for the outside's harsh environment. You should spend some time with your friend occasionally on joyful events, in tough times. You should be there by the sides of your friend who might feel strong by sole presence of yours.

I am not saying that be by the side of him/her every time, but at least try to be in touch in every possible event which you think may help your friend. Fleshy, this is life you can not expect what outcomes it may give at sudden, this is how life works. Nevertheless, you should constantly try to adapt an optimum path in soft bond of friendship.

6. Do not expect too much. If you want to develop your friendship to best friends forever level, then this one important thing you should keep in your mind. Never demand special treatment from your friend, or never expect that he/she will only priortize you and not anyone else. You just have to be patient, as the friendship bond between both of you increases he will start to feel your importance. Unless demanding and expecting too much causes things to spoil.

You may have heard the story of that monkey who tries to steal grains from the earthen pot with the closed palm, but since the mouth opening of pot was very tight to remove the fist, he got stuck there, but did not stop demanding less than a fist of grain. And as a result people caught the monkey and released it into the forest. 7. Keep in warm touch. As people grow, it becomes tough to stay in the same locality or institutions. If same happened with you too, then don't overthink you just have to keep in touch to enlighten the flame of forever bond with your friend. Try connecting with your friend over calls, texts, connect over social medias, can visit to him/her once in a year or what duration you find to be good. You can share funny jokes, Gifs, favourite latest movies, spicy mutual interested topic's news, latest visited place's images or what not. Conclusion: Sincere friendship is a very delicate and warm bond that can exist between two people. If you want to take your bond of friendship to BFF level then you just have to be little patient and put little extra effort keeping all those above shared tips in conscious mind.

“I am not sure that best friends forever bond can be created with every next person you meet with these tips, but if you are really serious about it then my friend you will do it. All the very best for your glorious day.”

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