3 Simple ways to Know what others think about you

People in the society remain curious about what other people think about them. It is quite helpful if you’re doing some kind of business but if you’re a normal person then it could be your curiosity to know others opinion on a point. It is quite normal.

As for me personally, I want to see the world from the vision of others. That seems not possible yet. Nevertheless, it is my less wish but more curiosity to see the world from two perspectives at the same time.

Now what is the basic idea behind seeing a place, an object or anything by two or more perspective at the same time is that it helps you to figure out that place’s information or object’s idea easily. It helps you to consider things efficiently.

Here are the some ways through which you can find out what others think.

  • Think yourself at another person’s place and make his or her situations all yours (in brain). Now try to think in the same way as according to you the person would think. This works better in two people type case.

Place yourself at others place and reconsider everything you've done or behaved to the next person.

Now think some of the basic common things that any normal person could think if he was at the same place. This thought would be that one which currently the subjected person would have thought.

  • Observe little actions and reactionsVerbal and body indications show a lot about how a person feels or thinks about other ones. Notice little disagrees and little rise in voice while conversation with you.

A person may not eye contact with you if he/she isn’t interested in talking with you. These are the things that will save your precious time that you may gonna spend over them to impress.

  • Try some ‘attention’ based words during conversation.This is the basic idea to know if someone really understands you and considers you an eligible person to be attentive to your words or not. This is the super most basic formula you can adopt to seek the truth.

You can say ”Hey! I have an idea and this is gonna work.”

Now pay over the minute details by taking a gap for a few minutes, notice everyone’s attention to you. This would basically tell you if everyone in the group takes you seriously or not.

May your idea be really great or not... Your basic target would be completed and you would come to know what some people think of you.

These are the some basic ways you can adopt to know what the people in front of you think about you.

This may not result very accurately because, indeed, every humans psyche is different due to being raised in different environment and family stuffs. But these ideas would be enough to let you know that what are the things you need to positively change inside of you to make yourself more adorable and more shining.

I, personally, believe that making progress is a thing that shouldn’t be stopped, so try these practices only with a positive view.

Note: If you feel slightly or varyingly low or negative towards society then, I recommend, don’t try to know what others think about you because it doesn’t matter what others think of you; it depends upon you, totally, how you gonna live your life. It is you who will make your future bright, so leave the thought that what others think of you. Be brave and make your life shining.

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