Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I'm Akash M Siddharth. I live in India. I'm currently studying in Delhi University. My one of the favourite hobby is to read something that most people don't do. I love to interpret those books in my own understanding so that I present a totally new view to the world.

Now, about blogging the important thing that I've learnt so far is that reading and writing blogs help a lot in understanding things differently. The more dimension you can think about a thing the morevalueable your opinion would be. So, on behalf of this idea I started thinking and reading blogs. And by motivating from internal factors I, one day, came to this idea that I should also look to objects and this world by my ideas.

And, honestly, I am so glad that you are reading me. I hope reading all this will help you alot. Thanks dear, Reader!

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